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❖ HIGH PRESSURE DIE CASTING: Predominantly used for mass production. The quality and accuracy is superior to other casting methods.

❖ GRAVITY DIE CASTING: Generally used for medium to high volume production with good surface finish and accuracy. The tooling for this process is less complicated than high pressure die casting.

❖ SAND CASTING: The oldest casting technique and still in use for low volume production, casting samples and prototypes. The surface finish being reflective of sand texture and require hand finishing in most cases.

WELDING:  MIG (metal inert gas) welding process and TIG (Tungsten inert gas) are used in the fabrication process. Only qualified, bi-annually tested and certified welders are employed.

❖ SPINNING: The shaping of thin aluminium sheets on a custom lathe allowing the formation of 'spun caps' used in lantern manufacturing.

ACRYLIC VACUUM FORMING: Making of acrylic globes to be used in lantern manufacturing.

❖ LATHE MACHINE WORK: Forming and finishing of aluminium pieces especially for lamp post parts

FINISHED PRODUCTS: Are not limited to size or weight, as in casting process these can be made of a combination of castings, extrusions, spinning or any number of add on embellishments. The various components are assembled together either by inert gas shielded Arc welding or mechanical fixing techniques by use of fixing fasteners.

❖ SURFACE TREATMENT: requirement varies from product to product, emphasizing the difference between as cast, anodized and powder coated finishes.