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Plant Facilities



Raw Materials

❖ High purity Aluminum ingots (99.86% Purity Min.)

❖ High purity Zinc ingots (99.995% Purity Min.)

❖ High purity Indium ingots (99.990% Purity Min.) 





Melting Process 

❖ Production capacity of 40 tons per day Aluminum & Zinc anodes

❖ High Technology LPG furnaces from Striko Westofen GmbH

❖ High quality and clean metal

❖ Temperature control with digital display 




Testing Facilities

❖ Comprehensive equipped computerized chemical laboratory

❖ Fully equipped electrochemical testing laboratory






Design Capabilities

 ❖ Design of CP systems for offshore platforms & submarine pipelines

 ❖ Fully computerised and experienced drawing office

 ❖ Anode distribution drawing software by BEM method