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• All cast aluminium shall be made of BS EN 1706:2010 material grade ENAC 44100 (LM 6).
• All extruded aluminium shall be as per BS EN 573-3:2013 (chemical composition) and BS EN 755-2: 2016 (mechanical requirements) material grade ENAW 6063-T6 or 6082-T6.
• All mechanical fixing fasteners shall be S.S GR. 316 or equivalent unless otherwise specified.
• All welding shall be done as per ANSI/AWS D1.2/D1.2M : 2014 for aluminium.
• All welding shall be done as per ANS/AWS D1.1/D1.1M : 2015 for steel.
• All powder coating shall be as per standard of "Qualicoat" 15th Edition with thickness of 60 microns minimum.
• All anodizing shall be as per standard "Qualanod" (Edition - 1st January 2019) with an average of 10-25 microns.
• All reinforcement inside core shall be manufactured out of yield strength 355 or 275 mild steel depending on customer requirements.
• Hot dipped zinc galvanixing shall be as per BS EN 1461:2009, minimum average 100 microns of surface treatment both inside & outside.
• Loctite 242 shall be applied on all bolt holes, bolts and screws.
• Bitumen to be applied on base plate bottom to avoid corrosion by contact with dissimilar materials.
• Silicon gasket to be provided between the different materials to avoid bimettalic corrosion.