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منتوجات الحمايه الكاثوديه

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انضم الى فريق الخبراء والأفراد المهرة لانتاج سبائك الألمنيوم الزخرفيه المعماريه ذات النخبه العالميه ومنتجات الحمايه الكاثوديه

Reporting To: Executive Director / General Manager




  • Reports directly to the Executive Director / General Manager and responsible for the entire activities of the Architectural division’s manufacturing process ensuring compliance with quality management system.
  • Administrates and directs overall activities of Architectural Division.
  • Exercises overall supervision of local and overseas personal recruitment for architectural division.
  • Establishes operations standards for cost control, waste reduction, quality, safety, and complete and on-time delivery in line with company strategic direction.
  • Establishes manufacturing policies in the areas of Foundry, Fabrication, Coating plant & Dispatch materials usage, and receiving, capacity planning, production scheduling, safety, customer satisfaction, employee relations, continuous improvements and performance measures.
  • Directs implementation and execution of manufacturing policies and practices in architectural division.
  • Recommends and implements strategic changes in design manufacturing & Installation.
  • Provides leadership and / or supports the design, development, and implementation of products and service lines.
  • Builds, develops and manages operations leadership team capable of carrying out needed operations strategies and improving employee relations.
  • Provides leadership for problem resolution to facilitate faster improvements and improved working relationships.
  • Oversees operations budget to ensure compliance with organizational expenditure requirements.
  • Ensures compliance with standard operation procedures and Federal, State and other regulations.
  • Manages and maintains all critical instrumentation calibrations, verifications, and validations in conjunction with the QC/QA departments.
  • Ensures that products are produced in time and of good quality.
  • Schedules a time scale for the production and check the estimated costs and the quality of the product which shall be in our accepted level.
  • Ensures that health and safety guide lines are followed.
  • Reviews and analyze performance of subordinates and identify their training needs.
We are interested in Nationals who are seeking careers or positions, either full or part time in:
• Sales
• Purchasing
• Human Resources
• Customer collection
• Credit control

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 • المبيعات
 • المشتريات 
 • الموارد البشريه 
 • تحصيل الأموال
 • مراقبة الائتمان 

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