منتوجات الحمايه الكاثوديه




Statistics published by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) indicate that there were more than 2,000 fire incidents in 2021 occurred in the country. There is no doubt that fires are extremely dangerous, and they can even be fatal. Even more so when the fire is on a boat or ship in the middle of the water where there is nowhere to run to, no fire station nearby, the waves cause constant motion and the cargo may be extremely dangerous. Highly critical for the survival of both the people on board the vessel and vessel’s structure itself is the ability to quickly, safely and effectively deal with marine fires or at least contain them sufficiently until specialist help arrives.

The Training Centre for Firefighting is being developed at the Arab Marine Academy – Khorfakkan branch in the Emirate of Sharjah. Providing students with the necessary understanding of fire extinguishers and the skills needed to prevent a marine blaze from spreading.

Located in Plot no. 21 of Owaynat Area, Khorfakkan the construction of the Firefighting Centre includes the development of the place.

The Architectural team of Alico played a role in supplying and installation of aluminium works all over the area including fixed types bollards, lighting bollards, cast aluminium railings with screens, and handrails that will ensure the wellbeing and safety of these students and staff whilst enhancing and complementing the overall splendour and beauty of the institution building