منتوجات الحمايه الكاثوديه




In the July 2023 edition of the Finance & Business Economic Magazine, we shine a spotlight on the monumental “Year of Sustainability” envisioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi and the far-reaching “Year of Sustainability: Emirates Inspire the World” initiative. As the momentum of the Year of Sustainability gathers pace, AIL’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified through our state-of-the-art solar light poles.


What sets Alico Solar lampposts apart is their unique design, tailor-made for the Gulf region’s specific requirements. This uniqueness can be attributed to several key factors:


GCC-Centric Design and Manufacturing: AIL’s solar solution has been meticulously designed, built, specified, and proven in the GCC region. By keeping the entire production process within the UAE, we not only ensure the highest quality standards but also reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation.


Advance technology for Solar Panel: AIL is using Thinfilm (CIGS type) which is higher and more reliable compared to Monocystalline or Polycrystaline silicon wafer types PV. It also has the highest rating from the commercial solar light


Integrated Energy Storage System: AIL is using Supercapacitor, a high performance, military grade type made from graphine non-chemical alternative with larger life cycle, higher temperature range, better roundtrip efficiency & negligible degradation


No Trenching or Cabling Required: Our solar lampposts are hassle-free to install. They eliminate the need for extensive trenching and cabling, reducing both installation time and disruption to the surrounding environment.


Comprehensive Services and Turnkey Solutions: Also, at AIL, we offer a full spectrum of services, from supply and customization to delivery, installation, servicing, and ongoing support. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing robust warranties and, if required, complete turnkey solutions for our clients.


In conclusion, Alico Solar lampposts are unique and specifically made for the Gulf environment in that we warranty that they are recyclable with low carbon foot print, Low maintenance, no trenching and cabling required, PV panels are integral with the pole, all electrical items including high performance, military grade energy storage system are housed within the pole, customizable, and what’s more we offer our clients more than satisfactory warranties