منتوجات الحمايه الكاثوديه




Situated in Jordan, a private villa showcases impressive architectural beauty, enhanced by meticulously crafted cast aluminium metalworks from Alico Industries.

Upon entering the villa, your attention is immediately captured by the ornamental aluminium main gate, extending a warm invitation to both family and guests. Venturing further into the garden, a gazebo embellished with a cast aluminium dome presents an awe-inspiring display of craftsmanship.


Within the main house, the decorative doors, graced with delicate glass, summon visitors with an aura of refinement. These doors serve not only as a hospitable entryway but also as a prelude to the luxury that awaits within. Upon stepping into the interior, the main spiral staircase commands attention and elegance. Simultaneously, the back service staircase and decorative rear gate seamlessly meld function with aesthetics, fusing security with grace. Even the window grills have been transformed into intricate masterpieces of metallic artistry.


In this private villa in Jordan, Alico Industries has woven together a symphony of cast aluminium craftsmanship, creating an atmosphere that exudes luxury from every corner. It’s a haven where architectural dreams blend seamlessly with the tangible reality of exquisite design, leaving an indelible mark on all who are fortunate enough to experience its embrace.

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