Since one of the main purchasing powers comes from the Emirates municipalities and governmental institutions, Alico Industries decided to open up a new department to do refurbishment, maintenance and upgrades of its products scattered in the country.

The maintenance department is fully equipped to cater for maintenance and upgrades , and contracts can be periodical for 3 and 6 months and one year basis.

Street Light poles Refurbishment

Regular maintenance of street light poles is necessary to ensure reliable operation.

Nothing lasts forever, and time plays havoc with lampposts due to sand storms, sea salts, untreated water irrigation, poor maintenance and lamppost deteriorate consequently.

Alico Industries now offers our clients product refurbishing services.

Bench Refurbishment


Damaged Cladding Rectification


Do you have an existing mechanization system you need service or maintenance for? Are you looking in a fully comprehensive maintenance solution for your Aluminium fences, gates, doors, lighting fixture, screens and other metal works? Do you have want a system ready for an upgrade? Contact Alico Industries Maintenance team now and take advantage of our superior product understanding and advice to safeguard your items will operate smoothly for years to come. As you would frequently service any other piece of equipment or ensure thorough maintenance of critical machinery, gate automation, access and safekeeping systems operate optimally when proper upkeep and care is carried out. Alico Industries maintenance team can offer fixed maintenance contracts for your new or existing aluminium products to safeguard you for the future and offer a cost-effective solution to ongoing maintenance.



Alico Industries offer lighting fixtures ranging from wall mounted to 18m high lamp posts. The designs comply with international standards whilst maintaining the traditional arabesque beauty.
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Gates and Doors

The entrance gates to a property is a physical expression of the owners’ personality and naturally as such there are a myriad of individual designs.
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Fences and Railings

Whether for security, safety or simply to define a boundary, we designs and continue to develop innovative new designs based on specific requirements
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Screens and Mashrabiya

Screens are most attractive with an abundance of designs and are still much used as ‘glassless windows’ adding to the mystique of the orient in the region.
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Solar Products

Alico Industries has developed a varied range of state of the art solar products, solar light poles being its main item.
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Street Furniture

These categories of products are made with dramatic and elegant features that blend with their surroundings.
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Bronze Castings

The two metals that have their own magical and attractive powers that increase in beauty as time passes by are bronze and brass.
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