Alico Industries has developed a varied range of state of the art solar products, solar  light poles being its main item.

These products are specifically geared towards the harsh environment of the Gulf States with particular attention being paid to the elements of corrosion, sand storms and immense heat.

Alico Industries strength comes from the integration of slick designs, keeping up with the latest in technology as well as quality products thus competing with the local and international markets.

Quality products and exciting designs

Our solar poles have been designed with meticulous care being paid to detail and aesthetics making them a unique product in their own right. With an unmatched elegance, Alico provides solar poles that are highly modern, functional, efficient and high quality products. Our LED luminaire is IP65 with a minimum of 50,000 hrs life time corresponding to an LLMF of 0.7. The PV panels are protected from dust and sand storms with borosilicate glass tubes and the energy storage is an inbuilt high quality battery within the pole thus increasing the efficiency of the system