Alico Industries offer street lights , lamp posts , and lighting fixtures ranging from wall mounted to 18m high street lights  and lamp posts. The designs comply with international standards whilst maintaining the traditional arabesque beauty.

Just take a walk around some of the known sites such as the Cultural Center, the University City, and Al Qasba in Sharjah. Za’abeel Road, Cultural village and King Salman Road in Dubai. And observe the beauty and the meticulous details of our street lights, lamp post and other lighting fixtures.


A street light, light pole, lamppost or street lamp is usually a higher source of light on the edge of a roadways or pathway.


Alico industries offer the highest quality with the most reliable landscape lighting solutions. Creating your dream home starts with lighting your garden or villa


Alico Industries offer classical and decorative design of wall and ceiling lighting. These are one of the most widely used, adaptable, and economical kinds of home lighting options. Ceiling lighting can be used for halls with overhead lighting fixtures, working well for general lighting in entrances or the lounge area. While wall lighting can be used in any room, indoors and out working alongside ceiling lights, a wall-mounted fixture provides supplemental illumination.


One of the beautiful aspects of a lighting totems is that they can serve many functions. It can be programmed to display an interplay of constantly changing colours, it can house speakers, CCTV cameras, touch screens, advertising panels and Wi-Fi.

Alico Industries street lights and lamp post were firstly intended to be used for lighting public roads and highways. But they can also be establish in gardens, parks and on private properties. Street lights and lamp post are a new and developed generation of street lamp. Alico Industries street light and lamp post make a distinction of itself from its competitors. By being a more eco-friendly and energy-saving product that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and the test of time. One of the leading modern street lights manufacturers, providing a vast range of luminaires curated precisely for the urban environment.


Gates and Doors

The entrance gates to a property is a physical expression of the owners’ personality and naturally as such there are a myriad of individual designs.
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Fences and Railings

Whether for security, safety or simply to define a boundary, we designs and continue to develop innovative new designs based on specific requirements
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Screens and Mashrabiya

Screens are most attractive with an abundance of designs and are still much used as ‘glassless windows’ adding to the mystique of the orient in the region.
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Solar Products

Alico Industries has developed a varied range of state of the art solar products, solar light poles being its main item.
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Street Furniture

These categories of products are made with dramatic and elegant features that blend with their surroundings.
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Bronze Castings

The two metals that have their own magical and attractive powers that increase in beauty as time passes by are bronze and brass.
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Maintenance, Servicing and Upgrades

The maintenance department is fully equipped to cater for such services and contracts can be periodical for 3 and 6 months and one year basis.
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Additionally our luminaires, we provide solutions for commercial, residential and industrial projects. If you want to light up streets, local roads, bicycle paths, pavements, car parks, our team can help with that. Our street lights and lamp post are suitable for both useful applications in urban and suburban zones. Furthermore the main features of street lights from Alico Industries lighting are energy-efficiency, ease of maintenance and visual comfort. You can be sure of the quality and reliability of our luminaries’ street lighting products thanks to our company’s decades of experience in the industry and the region. We take pride in the fact that our street lights and lamp post increase safety in your local area.