Alico Industries Co. Ltd. is one of the world’s main suppliers of Aluminum and Zinc sacrificial anodes for offshore structures, submarine pipelines and ship hulls.

To date, Alico Industries Co. Ltd. has supplied sacrificial anodes in successful service from the Gulf of Mexico, through West & North Africa, Egypt, the Arabian Gulf, the Indian Ocean and the Caspian Sea to the South China Sea.
Alico Industries’ factory located in Sharjah is equipped with modern high technology furnaces, steel fabrication workshop for fabrication of dies and inserts, a computerized design-engineering department, chemical analysis laboratory, electrochemical testing facility and highly qualified, trained and experienced work force. With this and the availability and use of high grade aluminium produced by Emirates Global Aluminium only a few miles from Alico Industries premises we are able to produce and guarantee high quality anodes.

Management System is in place conforming to ISO 9001:2015 with total commitment to health, safety and environmental standards.


Raw Materials

❖ High purity Aluminum ingots (99.86% Purity Min.)

❖ High purity Zinc ingots (99.995% Purity Min.)

❖ High purity Indium ingots (99.990% Purity Min.)

Melting Process

❖ Production capacity of 40 tons per day Aluminum & Zinc anodes

❖ High Technology LPG furnaces from Striko Westofen GmbH

❖ High quality and clean metal

❖ Temperature control with digital display

Testing Facilities

❖ Comprehensive equipped computerized chemical laboratory

❖ Fully equipped electrochemical testing laboratory

Design Capabilities

❖ Design of CP systems for offshore platforms & submarine pipelines

❖ Fully computerised and experienced drawing office

❖ Anode distribution drawing software by BEM method