Alico Industries has been at the forefront of the cast aluminium, brass, and bronze industry in the United Arab Emirates and the region for decades. It has an extensive range of cast decorative architectural designs for lamp posts, gates, fences, balustrades, screens and other miscellaneous products (trash bins, benches, bollards, street and garden furnitures, etc.)

The products are designed and manufactured using modern production systems and machineries, whilst maintaining the traditional Arabic craftsmanship still preserved in the Middle East. To add to the dramatic styles, Alico Industries offer a variety of surface finishes, including plain or textured powder coating, antique brass or bronze finishes and gold anodized decorative elements.

Alico Industries’ dedication to continuously achieve a high quality workmanship has qualified the company to become ISO 9001:2015 certified, illustrating its aim to stay at the forefront of the Architectural Casting Market as it continues to meet the needs and requirements of its valued clients from local and international markets.

In addition to the architectural product, Alico Industries is one of the world’s main supplier of Aluminium and Zinc Sacrificial anodes for offshore structures, submarine pipelines and ship hulls tanks.



Alico Industries Company Limited is a subsidiary and a member of GIBCA group of companies, a major UAE industrial group with multi-disciplined activities covering industries such as Cable Manufacturing, Curtain walling, Glass processing, Aluminum and steel cladding, Air conditioning, Oil lubricants as well as being involved in trading, real estate and general trading.

Alico Industries Company Limited started its life as a small jobbing foundry in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in 1979. In 1983, the company decided to expand business in the field of Cathodic protection which led to the introduction of ALICO IMPALLOY LTD; a joint venture with Impalloy of UK which was one of the foremost Cathodic Protection in the world. Impalloy relinquished their share of company in 1984 in line with their international equity policy and since then, Alico Industries Company Limited was formed.


A leading Architectural cast aluminium and Cathodic protection foundry producing bespoke, customized and high-quality castings with superior technical details offering value added service to Gulf regions’ public municipalities, property developers, oil companies and offshore construction contractors.


To be a world leader in offering excellence, high quality, creative, innovative engineering solutions and to continuously diversify, develop and research high-tech products in a healthy safe environment for both Architectural and Cathodic protection divisions.


At Alico Industries we are driven by consumer focus, resourcefulness and high-quality products. We expect and demand from ourselves and others the highest ethical standards and our processes and products are uncontestable. We recognize and believe that teamwork is the corner stone of Alico Industries. We continuously strive for improvement and quality of our products.