Alico Industries – Cathodic Protection Division manufactures various types of sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection of important structures. Whilst Aluminium is one of the key materials used for this there remains to be a significant requirement for Zinc anodes for cathodic protection of ships, vessels, ballast tanks and other marine applications. Last year Alico Industries’ Cathodic Division manufactured and supplied 400,000 kg. of Zinc Anodes to the industry.

Zinc anodes shapes can be either trapezoidal or rounded-ends or tear drop. Zinc anodes are also classified as welded or bolted type based on installation method. Additionally, Alico manufactures long slender high purity zinc anodes to international standards for onshore applications.

The anode size and insert designs can be fabricated to satisfy each customer’s requirements.

Zinc Hull Anodes (Trapezoidal Shape)
Zinc Hull Anodes (Rounded-ends Shape)
Zinc Tank Anodes
Zinc Hull Anodes (Tear Drop Shape)
Zinc Bolted Anodes (Rounded-ends Shape)
Zinc Bolted Anodes (Trapezoidal Shape)