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Alico Industries offer lighting fixtures ranging from wall mounted to 18m high lamp posts. The designs comply with international standards whilst maintaining the traditional arabesque beauty.

Just take a walk around some of the known sites such as the Cultural Center, the University City, and Al Qasba in Sharjah or Za’abeel Road, Cultural village and King Salman Road in Dubai and observe the beauty and the meticulous details of our product. 


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The entrance gates to a property is a physical expression of the owners’ personality and naturally as such there are a myriad of individual designs.

Our expert designers and craftsmen design, produce and install the custom-made gate according to client’s requirements incorporating up-to-date design standards and technology.

Available in all shapes and sizes, our gates are composed of the best materials available and are very elegant and trendy. They come with an added advantage of remote-control for both sliding and hinged gates.


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Whether for security, safety or simply to define a boundary, Alico Industries produce an extensive range of fence designs and continue to develop innovative new designs based on specific requirements to enrich and blend in with their surroundings.

Alico Industries also offer decorative fencing for bridges, pedestrian and crash barrier as per international motorway standard. The finish, alloy, height and width will depend upon the area, site conditions and specifications.


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Buildings adorn the wealthier suburbs, beach fronts and downtown areas of the cities but, at the same time, are for all to see and admire. Some of the best features of these can be seen in balconies and balustrades. Alico Industries have introduced, in addition to cast aluminium, alternative alloys such as brass and bronze. Our expert craftsmen are handy and available to design, match and suit your own taste.


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Screens are most attractive with an abundance of designs and are still much used as ‘glassless windows’ adding to the mystique of the orient in the region. Screens are primarily used to give shade, as a decorative item and/or offer security to the property. The region is renowned for its elaborate and intricate decorative designs and utilizing modern technology. Alico Industries combine beauty with mechanical strength that has replicated these mediums into long lasting and trouble free cast aluminium and specializes in large scale screens. The impact of this has landed us the most prestigious projects such as Madinat Jumeirah and Khalifa University.


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These categories of products are made with dramatic and elegant features that blend with their surroundings. Designs are themed to harmonize with the overall concept of its location and can be modern or classical. The range includes park benches, trash bins, bollards, signages, canopies, wall bracket mounted torches, street and garden furniture, clock casings, gazebos, information booths and stands for hotels, shopping malls and restaurants.


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