Alico Industries Company Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified with a strong commitment to quality management system, thus providing a platform for all the processes and activities being carried out, keeping in view customers satisfaction and expectations as the prime objective.


Alico Industries believe that good quality can never be achieved quite easily. It always requires strong committed leadership and hardworking staff that leads the organization to the right path through their dedication, knowledge, skill, attitude and experience.

Alico Industries Quality Control Departments’ well trained staff continuously monitors and measures each and every stage right from the delivery of raw materials to production stage and application of surface treatment as per the project’s specifications, ensuring that finished product is defect free and as per client’s requirements.


Alico Industries always try to exceed customers’ expectation which is being achieved by regular training of staff and workers, the use of the latest machinery and technology and a well-established quality laboratory where materials are analyzed as per applicable standards and specifications.



  • Alico Industries Company Limited is an organization which is involved in design, manufacture, supply and installation of Architectural casting products and Sacrificial anodes (Cathodic Protection system) made of Aluminium and other Non-ferrous alloys by complying with customer requirements as well as any applicable legal and international standards.
  • Alico Industries’ management is strongly committed to providing high quality products, fulfilling the needs and expectations of interested parties by managing external and internal issues faced by the organization in a professional manners.
  • Alico Industries’ management always strives to achieve and exceed customer’s satisfaction by continual improvement in Quality management system, processes and competence of employees through monitoring and measurement of processes and periodical review of departmental quality objectives, and achieves cost effectiveness.


Alico Industries Company Limited has developed and implemented Health & safety plan by following OHSAS 18001 international standard.

Alico Industries has its own health & safety department with competent and qualified safety professionals who are actively and constantly involved in maintaining good health & safety culture.

Alico Industries’ management always strive to achieve safe and healthy work environment and avoid damage to customer property by providing in house safety awareness trainings, Tool box talks, Civil defense trainings, firefighting trainings and other work related trainings.