Typically, ice plant factories are not examples of architectural beauty or in any way visually interesting let alone providing a pleasant view, this is not the case for Hamriya Ice Plant Factory. Aside from providing a secure and functional place for the ice plant operations and machinery, this aluminium screen enclosure with an openable panel showing a leaf design adds a fascinating appearance to the landscape. Complementing the neighbourhood as well as providing a crucial service for regional businesses like hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other food industry related facilities.


This ice plant is equipped with a Block Ice Machine, which consists of an ice crusher, brine tank, compressor, ice storage, and evaporative condenser.


Alico Industries’ Architectural Team successfully managed to manufacture, supply, and install custom designed and cut a sustainable aluminium screen enclosure with a single-sided leaf design, including openable panels for access, all powder coated to a Super durable finish. Hamriya Ice Plant is located near Souq Al Jubail- Al Hamriya, Al Ittihad Street.


hamriya ice plant