Umm Al-Dalkh is producing conventional oil field located in shallow water of the United Arab Emirates and is operated by ADNOC Offshore Company. This oil field is located 20 kilometres northwest of Abu Dhabi city. It lies a few kilometers east of the Umm all Lulu fields and approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Zakum.

The field produces medium-gravity sour crude from the Mishrif carbonate. The oil is piped to the Zakum field facilities for onward transport to the export terminal on Zirku Island. It is blended with production from the Upper Zakum and Satah fields and exported as an Upper Zakum blend

As part of the Umm Al-Dalkh Oil Field project, Alico Industries’ Cathodic Protection Division was awarded and successfully completed the supply of three different types of retrofit anode sleds including the Copper Cable which will be placed on the Seabed and connected to the CPP 8” Oil Pipeline as a retrofit Cathodic Protection system. There is Type-1 subsea retrofit anodes sled with 1 number of anode per sled, Type-2 subsea retrofit anodes sled with 2 numbers of anodes per sled and lastly Type-3 subsea retrofit anodes sled with 3 number of anodes per sled

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